Lady Mary’s Walk for Conwy Council

Challenged to create an audio trail that told the story of the Wynns of Gwydyr (a region just south of Snowdonia, centred on Llanrwst), we could have taken a mainstream approach – just script the story in the third person and get a narrator to read it. But as it was Lady Mary’s Walk, we wanted to bring her to life so the listener could hear her story.

First we had to choose a Lady Mary – there were two in the Wynn family could have the inspiration for the trail. After extensive research of primary and secondary source materials, we opted for the 17th century Lady Mary, last in the line of the Wynns, soon to leave her beloved Llanrwst to join her betrothed.

We recorded our Lady Mary – played by a local actress – in 3D audio so the listener felt that she was accompanying them on their walk and regaling them with vivid tales from her family’s past. At times, the listener was transported even further back into the past – for example, to join one of Lady Mary’s ancestors for a spot of Tudor bowls or back to the 14th century when the forests were infested with outlaws.

The clients – Conwy Council and the Forestry Commission – were delighted with the results.

You can listen to excerpts from Lady Mary’s Walk here, and download the full audio trail here. Listen on headphones for maximum impact.

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