Immersive Games

Why sit in a classroom being lectured on Gloucester’s industrial history when you can learn just as much by chasing a dastardly villain through wormholes to thwart his plot to meddle with time? And why research 17th century life online when you can travel back in time to explore a 400 year old village in search of a long lost pirate treasure?

Immersive games are a great way to attract hard to reach audiences and to help them to explore and interact with your attraction while they’re there.  They’re also an effective way of increasing repeat visits – by re-interpreting your existing content in a new way – and of raising new revenues, as most are happy to pay for a few hours of entertainment, especially families.

We can create games designed to be played at your attraction with the help of smartphones or tablets – such as Spanner in the Works below – or games played entirely in the ‘real world’, using a combination of sensor-triggered events and immersive technologies to bring the game to life.

We’ll manage the project from idea all the way through to delivery and use experienced games writers to ensure there’s a compelling story, and experienced games developers to ensure the games are fun, visually impactful and run smmothly.

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Spanner in the Works Game

Spanner in the Works Game for Gloucestershire Archives

Gloucestershire Archives set us a unique challenge – to bring to life the story of Fielding & Platt, an iconic engineering company of the 19th and 20th century whose factory is now buried under a 21st century shopping centre. We cracked it by coming up with a mobile game – Spanner in the Works – in which children were challenged to thwart the plot of evil time villain, Mr McGuffin.

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