• Our two versatile actors recording 'The Heir of Delapre'

Our immersive helms whisk people back in time via the magic of 3D sound.

Immersive experiences & games for museums, heritage & cultural attractions.

We’ll help you to transport your visitors into the heart of your story.  To take them on an emotional journey. To see, feel, hear and smell it as if it were real.

We believe that’s the way to create an experience that will linger long in the memory, and one that will start conversations.  And if your visitors talk, more will come.

We create immersive experiences & games from conception to final delivery using a range of technologies and techniques. Most of our work is in the museum, heritage and cultural sector. Our clients include the National Trust, the BBC, ss Great Britain and the Imperial War Museum.

Our Story

It all started with a toy castle and a paper bag full of plastic knights. That’s what Santa bought PastPorte co-founder Ben Blackler for his 5th Christmas, and it sparked a lifelong passion for history…more

What We Do

What greater thrill could there be for your visitors than being pitched into the heart of a story – to see, feel, hear and smell it as if it were real? That’s what we do. We call it immersive storytelling…more

Our Work

We’ve transported people into the hold of Shackleton’s Endurance as it’s trapped by the sea ice, into the heart of a magical forest to encounter a monster with musical teeth and back to 19th century Gloucester to pursue...more

Let’s Talk

If you’re interested in how immersive storytelling can bring to life a story at your museum, heritage or cultural attraction, you can call us on 01242 256970 or email us at ben@pastporte.co.ukmore