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A Little Bit About the Theory of Schemas

To make your museum experience more memorable, you need to understand the concept of schemas. It’s a little bit like having a very large collection of DVDs. Let me explain. I know, I know – I promised you a couple of posts about how to make the content of your interpretation more memorable and now […]

Memorable Museums – the Importance of Context

If you your visitors to remember the what they learn at your museum, the context in which they experience that information is important. In the last post we talked about the 3 ‘Rs’ of remembering – recording, retaining and retrieving (remember?!) and I mentioned that anything that interferes with any of those 3 elements of the […]

Memorable Museums – How the Memory Works

It struck me when I first embarked on a career in this industry that a pre-requisite for effectively creating a memorable experience at a museum or heritage attraction was a basic understanding of how the memory works. So I turned to a book by the excellent Ken Higbee. If people don’t find your attraction memorable, they’re not […]

Why is our Heritage So Important?

Struck by a sudden need to justify what I do, I jotted down why I think our heritage is worth protecting. Here’s what I came up with. This may sound like a slightly strange question for someone to pose who’s writing a blog about marketing museums and heritage attractions. But when you’ve devoted the rest of […]

So What is this Blog About Exactly?

Why did I set up PastPorte with Dinah?  Well, it all started one Christmas, many years ago…     From the age of 4 I wanted to be a knight. This new career ambition was prompted by the purchase by my parents of a toy wooden castle (a bit like the one above) and some […]